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A-Z Character Costume Tutorials

Learn how to make your own costumes with these free photo galleries and tutorials.

Rainbow Brite Costume Ideas
Get lots of Rainbow Brite costume ideas, from multicolored inspiration to and exact match for our favorite color kid.

White Trash Costume
Now you can be the hottest garbage at the party with Rain Blanken's easy White Trash Costume Tutorial.

Corpse Bride Costume Tutorial
Get your dead wedding on with this step-by-step corpse bride costume tutorial from Rain Blanken.

Amy Winehouse Costume
Everything from clothes to tattoos, this is a complete guide to recreating Amy's famous look.

Angel Costume
Angels are fun because they can be as beautiful and sparkly or simple as you want.

Avatar Na'vi Costume
Learn how to make an Avatar Na'vi costume with this simple tutorial.

Ballerina Costume
You don't have to have the moves to be a ballerina at a costume party.

Bella Swan Costume
Learn how to turn yourself into beautiful Bella Swan with this quick costume tutorial.

Catwoman Costume How-To
How-to Catwoman Costume. Learn how to make a Catwoman costume with stuff you have at home. Make your own Catwoman Costume for close to free.

Cavewoman Costume
Ugga. Bugga. This is an easy costume to make with faux fur and a pair of bare feet.

Corpse Bride Costume
If you are looking to recreate Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, don't spend all your cash on one of those bagged costumes at the Halloween store.

Death Eater Costume
Death Eaters may be scary, but these costumes are frighteningly easy to make. Learn how to make a Death Eater costume.

Disco Costume
This one is sure to bring out the funk...and a few laughs.

Draco Malfoy Costume
He's not only a mischievous bully, he's also the son of a Death Eater. Draco Malfoy is everyone's favorite bad boy. Learn how to make a Draco Malfoy costume.

Edward Cullen Costume
Every Bella needs an Edward. Glitter up your guy with this simple tutorial.

Fairy Costume
Fairies are one of the most versatile costumes on earth. Learn how to create a dress and wings for this fanciful costume.

Flapper Costume
Transport to the speak-easy's and funky dances of the 1930's.

French Maid Costume
The french maid is a hot classic.

Geisha Costume
A touch of class and lots of white makeup are needed for this costume.

Harley Quinn
Go as the Joker's plaything: the always hilarious and deadly Harley Quinn.

Gypsy Costume
A gypsy costume is easy to make. You just need a few basic elements to pull the whole thing off. Any extras can be added to the look as long as you have these few key pieces.

Harry Potter
Stitch a Hogwarts robe, print Harry's signature glasses, and make your own wand.

Harry Potter Character Costumes Index
Learn how to make Harry Potter costumes for free at home. From Hermione to Voldemort.

Hermione Granger
Always the over achiever, Hermione would just love it if everyone dressed up as her. Learn how to make a Hermione costume at home.

Hogwarts Student
Create a robe and all of the small touches that make a Hogwarts student costume complete.

Indiana Jones Costume
How-To Indiana Jones Costume. Make an Indiana Jones Costume with these easy instructions.

Jack Sparrow Costume How-To
Everyone wants to be a pirate, but these days only one is king. Learn how to make a Captain Jack Sparrow costume.

Jersey Shore Cast Costumes
Learn how to create costumes to portray the cast of Jersey Shore with these quick tips and instructions.

Katy Perry Costume
Create a classic Katy Perry look with this fun and flirty costume. Complete tutorial with photos and instructions.

Lady Gaga Costumes to Make
Playing Lady Gaga is easy because she doesn't have a single signature look, but many. In fact, there are so many famous Lady Gaga outfits that...

Lucius Malfoy Costume
Learn how to make a Lucius Malfoy costume with this photo tutorial. Or you too will meet the same sticky end!

Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood is a quirky Ravenclaw student who has a talent for seeing Thestrals. Learn how to make a Luna Lovegood costume with this complete tutorial.

Maiden Costume
You can create a simple costume with a corset top and skirt set. The best part is that it only costs a few bucks in fabric and ribbon.

Man Costume for Women
It's time to get a little hairier...a little smellier...a little MAN-lier.

Masquerade Mistress
This costume gives you a touch of mystery, even in well-known company.

Mermaid Costume
Mermaids are somehow sexy and innocent at the same time. This is a timeless fantasy costume for all ages.

Michael Jackson Costume
After the tragic death of Michael Jackson, thousands of fans decided to honor him through imitation. Tribute artists all over the world are suiting up to honor the memory of Michael and to keep the spirit of his music alive for years to come.

Make your own Michael Jackson costume this Halloween season and show off your best moves.

Miley Cyrus Costume
Miley Cyrus is quickly becoming as popular a costume as her fictional alter ego, Hannah Montana. Find out how to get the right Miley look with this simple tutorial.

Ninja Costume
How-To Ninja Costume. Learn how to make a ninja in the traditional or G.I. Joe style.

Pirate Costume for Women
Yarrrr! Make this easy pirate costume designed just for the ladies. Since there are so many kinds of pirates, there are a few options here to choose from.

Playboy Bunny
Spend the night trying to avoid getting your butt pinched.

Poison Ivy Costume
Learn how to make a Poison Ivy costume with stuff you have at home.

Princess Costume
Princess and Queen costumes can cost hundreds of dollars, even when they are not custom made. You can create a simple costume with a corset top and skirt set. The best part is that it only costs a few bucks in fabric and ribbon.

Rainbow Brite Costume
How-to Rainbow Brite costume with easy instructions.

Rapunzel Costume
Rapunzel got a new identity thanks to the hit Disney movie. Learn how to make an easy Rapunzel look for Halloween.

Red Riding Hood
This storybook character has a back story that everyone knows, so it's easy to play the part.

Ron Weasley
Ron is not only Harry's right-hand man, he's a funny and talented wizard. If you're more Ron's personality type, try fitting the profile in this easy costume.

Rosalie Cullen Costume
Learn how to make a Rosalie Cullen costume with this simple tutorial.

Sarah Palin Costume
The hottest costume for women in 2008 is Sarah Palin herself. Lucky for you that this is an easy-to assemble costume that won't add to your budget deficit.

Snape, Severus
Everyone loves to hate Snape, but there are plenty of Snapethizers out there who would disagree. Learn how to make a Snape costume with this photo tutorial.

Star Trek Uniform
Make a Star Trek Uniform. Learn how to make a Star Trek Starfleet uniform with this easy tutorial.

Strawberry Shortcake Costume
How to Strawberry Shortcake Costume. Learn how to make a Strawberry Shortcake costume at home.

Vampire Costume
Vampires are a classic Halloween costume that have come back in recent years with the success of Twilight. Here are a few elements of vampire costumes from classic to modern styles.

Voldemort Costume
Voldemort is a classic villain. Mysterious, vicious and most of all; deadly. Fortunately for you, his costume is relatively simple to recreate.

Wench Costume
You can create a simple costume with a corset top and skirt set. The best part is that it only costs a few bucks in fabric and ribbon.

Wizard Costumes
If you're not impressed with the packaged costumes, try these methods of assembling your own Harry Potter character costumes.

White Trash Costume
White Trash Costume

DIY Angel Costume Tutorial
In this DIY Angel costume tutorial, learn how to create an angel costume without a pattern.

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