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Wedding and Prom Dress Alterations - DIY Fashion - About.com
Wedding gown and prom dress alterations. Step-by-step instructions to make your dress fit just right.
Mending and Alterations - DIY Fashion - About.com
Mending and altering your clothes means that your wardrobe will last longer and fit better. Doctoring your clothes is a snap with these easy to follow directions.
How to Let Out a Dress or Make a Dress Bigger - DIY Fashion
If your dress is too small, you need to let out a dress. ... Dye Print and Paint · Mending and Alterations · Homemade Costumes · Recycling and Upcycled Fashion ...
Clothing Alterations Often Needed by Short Women - Petite Fashion
If only all off-the-rack clothing fit, we wouldn't need to worry about clothing alterations, but sadly that's not the case. Ready-to-wear clothing is made for the mass ...
Clothing Alterations to Avoid - Petite Fashion - About.com
Clothing can't always be successfully altered. Here are some clothing alterations to avoid.
Five Places to Get Clothing Alterations - Petite Fashion - About.com
Most of us petite women will need clothing alterations at some point, even if we're able to find garments that fit well some of the time.
Alteration & Fitting Sewing Techniques - About.com
Sewing alterations can cost a small fortune, or you can learn how to alter garments and transform patterns so they will be a perfect fit when you sew a garment.
Altering Sewing Patterns and Making Clothes that Fit - About.com
Knowing how to make the alterations is a matter of learning about what ... The most challenging part of sewing a garment is that you can't try it on until after it is  ...
How to Take In a Dress - Make a Dress Smaller - DIY Fashion
... take in a dress. Learn how to tailor a dress that is too big. ... Sometimes that perfect dress isn't the perfect size. You don't ... More Clothing Alterations. 1 of 4. 1 .
ideas for 70's vintage wedding dress alterations - Calorie Count
I bought a vintage wedding dress that I would like to get altered into something modern, and casual for an outdoor wedding. I like simple and ...
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