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DIY Bags and Purses - DIY Fashion - About.com
How-To Bags and Purses. Learn how to make bags and purses with these free patterns and tutorials.
Make Bags and Accessories - DIY Fashion - About.com
DIY Accessories. Follow these step-by-step instructions to create your own unique accessories.
How-To Bags - DIY Fashion - About.com
The right bag or purse can pull a whole outfit together. Instead of spending your cash at the department stores, try your hand at creating these stylish bags.
Make a Placemat Purse - DIY Fashion
There are so many cute cloth placemats at the thrift store that don't quite complete a full set. Put these to good use. Making a purse out of a placemat takes just a ...
How to Make a DIY Laundry Bag for the Dorm - Young Adults
Packing up your kid for the big move to college? Send her off in style with this DIY Dorm Laundry Bag - or at least ready to hit the dorm laundromat without ...
5 Ways to Turn a Placemat into a Purse - DIY Fashion - About.com
Cloth placemats are the perfect candidates for bags and purses. These swatches of fabric are often made out of beautiful material, can be made of many layers, ...
How to Fuse Plastic Bags - DIY Fashion - About.com
A great way to recycle all those plastic grocery bags is to fuse them together to make a flexible material. This material can be used in lots of jewelry and ...
DIY Upcycled Tank Top Bag - DIY Fashion - About.com
Make a Purse out of Tank Tops. Learn how to make a cute tank top tote with this complete photo tutorial.
How-To Bra Purse - DIY Fashion - About.com
Learn how to make a purse out of a bra with this complete photo tutorial from Rain Blanken, your Expert in DIY Fashion.
How to Make Plarn - Plastic Yarn Tutorial - DIY Fashion - About.com
If you are anything like me, then you have a container somewhere in your house dedicated to the sole purpose of holding plastic bags. Making plastic bag yarn, ...
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