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I would love to hear from you concerning your DIY fashion projects and issues. If you have any comments or questions on the site, I am always eager to help with those, too. You can email me at diyfashion.guide@about.com .

Sometimes it is difficult for me to answer the volume of email that I am sent each day. We all know what it is like to have a full inbox! To better reach me, please try posting at the DIY Fashion Forum first. Also, see if your issue can be resolved among these frequently asked questions:


Q. How can I advertise on DIY Fashion at About.com?
A. If you would like to advertise at this site, please send an email to Mindy@about.com. As a Guide, I do not control which advertisements show up at DIY Fashion.
Q. I lost my forum password. What do I do?
A. If you have lost your password, please send an email to bbpasswords@about.com. I do not have access to forum passwords.
Q. How can I get me DIY fashion creations featured at the site?
A. If you would like to show off your creations, please feel free to post at the DIY Fashion Forum. Occassionaly, I wills elect artists to be featured as DIY Diva's. While I would love to be able to feature everyone directly on the site, it takes time to get artists organized and posted.
Q. I would like to use some of your content in a publication or website. How do I get permission?
A. Send me an email to let me know what you want to reprint and what publication or website you would like to use it on. About.com has strict reprinting policies that all of the DIY Fashion content is protected by. You will be sent an agreement that will need to be signed and returned before any content can be reprinting. Do not reprint without permission.
Q. Where can I get information on sewing and DIY fashion groups?
A. Please try the DIY Forum first to meet lots of other friendly fashionistas like yourself. There are also many groups listed in the DIY Fashion Resources.

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