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Rain Blanken

Can I Make My Own Bikini?

By April 28, 2013

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I usually start thinking about making my own swimwear while scowling in the dressing room mirror, well into the first hour of shopping. Finding the right fit for a suit is the biggest challenge that swimwear presents. This leads me to wonder whether or not making my own suit is folly or complete and sparkling genius.

On one hand, if the people at Speedo, with their years of experience and what I assume to be a thorough study of the human body, can't make a suit to fit me, then what hope do I have? Am I really going to be any better at making this spandex material transform me into brazen beach baby? Preposterous!

On the other hand, if something isn't working in the store, then my usual go-to is to make it myself. Maybe the Speedo guys have been in this market for years, but they don't know squat about my body and what I feel comfortable squatting in. Not that I do a lot of squatting on the beach, but there are those castle-building moments that call for a lot of graceful framing of the booty. Or awkwardly clambering on top of an floaty tube. I'm not sure anyone can craft a swimsuit that makes mounting a giant Cheerio attractive.

But if you'd like to have a crack at it, I've done a bit of research and found these best-bets for those more adventurous than I. For now, I'm going to settle into the 52nd swimsuit I tried on and hope it lasts me the rest of my life.

DIY Swimsuits

Good luck out there, and if you make a suit and take it for a swim, we'd love to see the finished result!


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