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Rain Blanken

I'm Rebelling! It's Spring! Spring, I Say!

By April 5, 2013

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I'm so desperate to rid myself of my winter clothes and, hopefully, the winter blues as well. Here in Ohio, we have been experiencing a delicate balance between snowstorms and insanity. Our weather is ping-ponging from 50-degree sunny days to blankets of snow and gloom. Meanwhile, that groundhog is somewhere snickering into his evil little paws. I'll never trust an adorable overgrown rat with my weather expectations again. Fool me once, groundhog...fool me once.

Well, I've had it. I'm about to dig my way out of another week of hats and scarves to look optimistically toward spring. Yeah, I said it. It's SPRING, Mother Nature. Do you hear me? What happened to you? You used to be cool; used to be loose with the warm breezes, and now all we get is snow. Mannnn, sometimes Mother Nature just doesn't understand.

Time for a good old-fashioned rebellion against mom. I'm putting away all of my heavy coats and gloves. I'm going to march my buns down to the garage and start up my scooter. I'm opening all of the windows in the house, then I'll sit on the porch and just dare winter to show its mealy little face again.

At this point I'm truly convinced (and maybe just a tad desperate enough to believe) that if I embrace the possibility of spring with all the tank tops and bright colors I can muster, then winter will surely be banished forever. Well, for a while, anyway.

So, I'll be spring cleaning this weekend. Time to take all of the fall clothes from the closet and replace them with items that I hopefully won't be freezing in next week. Because I'm wearin' 'em no matter what.

P.S. Mother Nature, please don't strike me down with lightening or send your henchman groundhog to chew my eyes out in my sleep.


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