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Rain Blanken

Fashion Week Fall 2013: Day 1 Recap

By February 8, 2013

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Models are currently stalking the runways in New York City, stomping their way into fashion history with both conceptual looks and those that could heavily influence your style this fall. Here are some highlights from yesterday's promenade:

Kenneth Cole's collection puts a formal spin on fall, bringing leather and soft fabrics together in a jockey-meets-secret agent fantasy.

At admittedly one of my favorite shows, designer Sergio Davila showcased a Mad Men-meets-80's executive mash-up concept, with stiff styles that bore metallic studs and sequins, as well as asymmetrical cuts. Does anyone else see the steampunk movement influencing these as well? I feel like it's in there.

Over at the Concept Korea show, we saw distinct geometric and free-form designs gracing the front of many pieces, a trend that I think could definitely translate into wearable fashion this fall.

The distinctly nerdy suits presented by David Hart yesterday warrant a second look, because I think notes of these styles could really develop into a solid trend for men this fall, and into the next few years. Pairing drab pieces with shocks of color is just hipster enough to explode into a very-near reality. I can see Daniel Tosh devoting a whole season of Tosh.0 fashion to this set.

The softest styles of all could be found at the Candela show, where I could swear we had stepped into a dollhouse. These dresses must have been knit from Hello Kitty's own hair, so heavy did the air hang with the aura of cute. Lace trim, art-deco repeating patterns, over-sized sweaters and subdued hues made up the bulk of this curio cabinet show.

I just want to put them in my pocket and take them home! Definitely look for the influence of these wispy styles in fall fashion this year.

I left out some of the more severely conceptual looks, selecting those that I thought were most likely to influence what we're going to see on department store racks come September. How would you incorporate these ideas into your homemade styles? Can you see yourself taking cues from, or even wearing, these?

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