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Rain Blanken

Style Resolutions for 2013

By January 2, 2013

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Perhaps not at the midnight celebration of the New Year, but definitely somewhere in the first weeks of January, I can be found quietly muttering my New Years resolutions. I prefer this method of resolve over the kind where you have to say things out loud to people, prompting them to ask about it when July rolls around. Usually around July, the only thing I've gained from my resolutions is a heaping helping of guilt.

'But not so!' says the girl who makes the same promise to herself each year, '2013 will be different'! I turned to Kendra Cherry, our About.com Guide to Psychology, for a few suggestions for keeping your New Year's resolutions.

Kendra's advice is to stick to a single resolution and make it realistic. So I've got just one resolution this year - love my clothes. That's right. No more standing in front of a closet full of clothes with cartoon question marks popping all around my head (then the exclamation points... that's when it gets ugly). Either I like it, I change it, or I ditch it in 2013.

I'll need just two formidable allies to conquer this resolution: My arsenal of style hacks and the local thrift store.

It's time to become one with the thrift store. The plan is to modify what I don't like, but I'm not a miracle worker. Let's face it; DIY experiments can end up looking like a 90's nightmare. A few pieces will inevitably have to find new owners who crave that Saved by the Bell look. Also, I'm not rich. The replacements for my cast-offs need to come cheap. Once, I actually re-bought the same shirt I donated months before. Go figure.

So here, I am, fresh faced and ready for the new year. With any luck, I'll spend less time scowling at my closet in my underwear. If I can achieve just that one thing, I'm calling this plan a success.


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