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Rain Blanken

3...2...1 Happy New Year!

By December 30, 2012

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New Years Fingernails For some people 13 is a lucky number. Take Friday the 13th for example. Whether it's mere chance or if I'm just paying more attention, I always seem to have a great day on Friday the 13th. Now that we're entering the first '13 in a hundred years, I have to say I'm approaching the new year with optimism.

If nothing else, we weren't wiped out by a dusty ol' Mayan calendar. Death by calendar would have been really lame (I'm still holding out for death by chocolate), so let's start looking ahead. In 2012, I put so many projects aside in favor of a bustling life, tossed to the back burner with the promise that I'll actually come back to them. The reality is that I completely forget about each project until I open a drawer months later to reveal a mass of half-finished ideas. Oh, the shame. The one thing I do seem to remember is to stop opening that horrible drawer.

It's time to tackle these lost projects, one by one. If I finish five, I'll say 2013 was a successful Year of the Back Burner. What are you hoping to finish in 2013?


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