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Rain Blanken

Finger Knit Scarves

By April 27, 2011

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Finger Knit Scarves
A recent excursion to a local pioneer village (along with about forty 3rd graders) taught me how much I don't know about keeping house. While the lessons in churning butter and grinding corn might not come in handy this summer, a few of the tasks were real eye openers. Case in point: Finger knitting.

As an avid crocheter, I have yet to cross hooks with needles. Yet, the finger knitting method was easy to learn, and so useful that I can't believe I wasn't taught to do it as a child (sorry mom). It requires no needles- just a handful of fingers and some yarn. Here are a few ways to wear the stormy gray skinny scarf I finger knitted in about five minutes:

Finger Knit Scarves

Finger Knit Scarves

Finger Knit Scarves

These quick tubes can also be fashioned into belts, wristbands, headbands and purse straps. It took me longer to put together a finger knitting tutorial than it did to make this scarf! It is worth trying at least once, and will become a useful skill to employ for years to come. Have you ever finger knitted?

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May 4, 2011 at 9:49 pm
(1) Chara says:

Nice tutorial. As children, we used to make these as leis in Hawaii. Just tie the ends together when it is a desired lei length! Brings back a ton of memories!

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